Analysis of 2019 Kaggle ML & DS Survey

This is an analysis based on Kaggle survey data, details are at

Uwe Sterr


This is an analysis based on Kaggle survey data, details are at Kaggle is a subsidiary of Google LLC online community of data scientists machine learners. It offers data sets, a no-setup, customizable, Jupyter Notebooks environment, machine learning competitions and access free GPUs and a huge repository of community published data & code.

An overview of the world wide participation is given in the map below. The first three countries with the highest number of participants are:

All numbers of all countries are given in the interactive table below. To find a specific country, type the name in the search field. Surprising facts:

The word frequency word cloud shows that software engineers and data scientist are heavily involved the field of machine learning

Easy histogram plots of all questions can be created in R as shown at


The purpose of the survey analysis is to create insight into which

are used in the field of machine learning. Contrary to public opinion machine learning is not mainly focused on neural networks.


The results are presented by graphs relating parameters either vs time or vs other parameters, see below for an example

The amount of graphs and information calls for a different format than a blog, therefore the results can be found at a separate website


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