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Making-of Aussagekraft von medizinschen Test Video

Die Entstehung des medizinischen Tests Mysterium (MTM) Videos von der Idee bis zur Umsetzung

Build a touch free disinfection dispenser Seb@Sterr

Build a disinfection dispenser which can be used without touching it. The valve is controlled by an Arduino with relay shield and an ultrasonic sensor.

Create Android App with Android Studio and Kotlin

Using Kotlin seems to be an up to date approach, so lets try it out

Develop Android app to park a camper level with MIT App Inventor

Describe all necessary steps to get the MPU6050 data via raspi and mqqt onto a android phone

Corona visus, why I don't shake hands

Why I think that in Germany hand shaking should be avoided right now

How to run Jupyter Notebooks on remote server — SSH

How to run a Jupyter Notebook on Nvidea nano via SSH

Machine learning, shall we?

Why should we use machine learning and what are reasons why we should restrict its use

Analysis of 2019 Kaggle ML & DS Survey

This is an analysis based on Kaggle survey data, details are at https://www.kaggle.com/c/kaggle-survey-2019.

Genetic Algorithm for Feature Selection

An example of how to use genetic algorithms for feature selection using the programming language "R"

Uwe's book list

In this list I keep track of books which impressed me in the fields of Society development, Artificial Intelligence, Purposeful Networking, Psychology, Society, Politics, Tech, R, Machine Learning, ...

Simulated Annealing optimisation of Reinforcement Learning hyper parameters

How to employ simulated annealing to optimize reinforcement learning hyper parameters with the programming language "R"

Create a blog with Distill

Tutorial to build a blog with Distill. A RStudio package which allows to write scientific and technical articles in a suitable format for the web. 'Distill' articles feature attractive, reader-friendly typography, flexible layout options for visualizations, and full support for footnotes and citations.

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Uwe’s Blog about ML, Python, R, Raspi, RoboCar…